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Gem Notes

What do the gems mean?   First and foremost, I believe we are drawn to the stones that innately hold meaning for us or resonate with an energy we need.  Sometimes it's as simple as they're gorgeous, and we need that!  However, there can indeed be more to it.  Accordingly, below is a small list of what many have ascribed to various gemstones.  However, don't let this limit you, and go with what you feel!  




Agate – Grounding, wisdom, balance

Amazonite – Truth, harmony, peace

Amethyst – Balance, harmony, serenity

Apache Gold – Clarity, awareness, shamanic journeying

Apatite – Creativity, intuition, wisdom, communication,

Aquamarine – Courage, empowerment, centering (inner quiet)

Aventurine – Vitality, confidence, optimism, decisiveness

Azurite – Vision, insight, learning

Blue Lace Agate – Health, serenity, balance, inner attunement

Botswana Agate – Creativity, attentiveness, accomplishment

Carnelian – Awareness, confidence, vitality, passion      

Charoite – Clarity, wisdom, contentment

Chrome Diopside ~ Intellect, strength in the feminine

Chrysocolla – Wisdom, communication, gentle power

Chrysoprase – Love, healing, balancing yin & yang, acceptance

Citrine – Abundance, manifestation, harmony, clarity

Cuprite – Grounding, vitality and energy, alleviating worry

Diamond – Courage, strength, love, innocence

Dumortierite – Calm, self-confidence, patience   

Emerald – Love, clarity, abundance, harmony

Garnet – Healing, commitment, manifesting, passion

Grandidierite – Precise decisions, strength, stability

Hemimorphite – Self-esteem, luck, self-transformation

Herkimer Diamond – New beginnings, attunement, clairvoyance

Hypersthene – Answers, relationships, self-respect

Iolite – Intuition, vision, integration, being in the present

Jade – Dreams, visions, harmony with nature, confidence 

Jasper – Grounding, earth energy, strength, independence

Kyanite – Attunement, calm, psychic abilities, meditation

Labradorite – Intuition, clarity, understanding, transformation

Lapis – Vision, awareness, serenity, perspective, protection

Malachite – Transformation, leadership, confidence

Meteorite – Endurance, trust, universal support and energy

Moonstone – Insight, inner work, patience, calm, balance

Morganite – Love, emotional healing, compassion

Onyx – Focus, centering, discipline, self-mastery

Opal – Aspiration, emotional growth, loyalty, insight

Pearl – Purity in wisdom, nurturing, emotional healing

Peridot – Protection, abundance, healing

Picture Jasper – Visioning, earth magic

Pietersite – Meditation, individual potential, recognition of beauty in many forms

Prehnite – Enhances energy, dreaming and remembering

Pyrite – Protection, happiness, self-confidence, willpower, wealth, luck, energy

Quartz – Manifesting, amplifying other stones, alignment, clearing

Rhodolite – Energy, contemplation, balance in life

Rose Quartz – Love, calm, trust, emotional healing  

Ruby – Success, protection, life force, love, wisdom in choices

Ruby Fuscite – Balance, understanding, increases energy from other stones

Ruby Zoisite – Individuality, empathy, head and heart, psychic energy

Rutilated Quartz – Insight, awareness, amplifies powers of quartz

Sapphire – Prosperity, focus, inner vision, recognition of beauty

Sillimanite – Intuition, growth, recognition of potential

Smoky Quartz – Optimism, grounding, balance, clearing, practical action, protection

Spinel – Beauty and freshness, insight, grounding, rejuvenation

Strawberry Quartz (natural) – Heart energy, balance, evolving

Sunstone – Happiness, joy, clearing, stress reduction

Tanzanite – Self-reflection, integrating heart and mind, visioning

Tiger eye & Tiger Iron – Balance, grounding, discernment, creative energy

Topaz – Manifesting, clarity, magnification

Tourmaline – Joy, Emotional healing, love, inspiration

Turquoise – Wholeness of heaven & earth, grounding, kindness

Zircon – Balance, manifesting, constancy


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